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From garden clean ups to throwing away some old furniture, skip hire can be an easy and affordable way to dispose of your unwanted waste. There are a number of ways that you can save money, and ensure the you find the best cheap skip hire deal for your requirements.

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Choose the Correct Size Skip

If you choose a skip that is too large, you will pay more than you need to, but if you choose a skip that is too small, you will be left with unwanted waste. Choosing the right skip size is important to ensure you receive the best skip hire deal. To help guide you through the different skip sizes available, and ensure you choose the right skip for your requirements, have a look at our skip size guide.

Know what you can & can’t put in your Skip

Not everything can be thrown into a skip, as some materials are deemed hazardous or unsuitable. Even if you have hired skip in the past, you should still check with your skip hire company first to ensure all of your waste will be accepted. For example, prior to 2009, plasterboard was allowed in skips and landfill, however a change in EU legislation has meant that plasterboard and gypsum materials must be recycled or disposed of separately to other landfill waste.

We have put together a helpful guide of what you can and can’t put in a skip to help you understand which items can be thrown into a skip. If your waste items are not allowed in a skip, you can contact your local council to find out what recycling or disposal services they can provide.

If you put items in a skip that are not permitted, your skip hire company may refuse to take the skip away or may impose a penalty for the separation of the waste. In some circumstances, putting the incorrect items in a skip can be a criminal offense, so ensure you know what you are allowed to throw in.

You can save money by knowing what you are and aren’t allowed to throw away, as it will help ensure that you order the correct size skip, and will prevent any potential fines or surcharges for incorrectly disposing of waste.

Recycle, Donate or Sell Items

You can reduce the skip size you require, and thus reduce the hire costs, by decreasing the amount of waste you have. There are a number of ways you can recycle, donate or sell your additional items to reduce your required skip size. There are a range of recycling and donation options available, and your local council can often point you in the right direction for local companies and charities that will collect your unwanted items. Items such as furniture can often be sold, and there are a number of great websites available, such as Gumtree, where you can sell your items for free.

Reducing the amount of waste you have to throw away impacts the size skip you require, and savings can be substantial. Items that can often be recycled, sold or donated, rather than thrown in a skip, include furniture, bathroom and kitchen fittings (eg. bath tubs, cabinets), garden accesories, gas cookers and many more.

Remember to use your household recycling bins, as your council will collect a range of products including cardboard, tins, green waste, plastic bottles and containers, etc. on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Using your recycling bins, boxes and bags is a great way to reduce your skip hire costs, and ensure you are not paying more than you need to.

How to save money on skip hire

Receive Multiple Quotes

Every money saving expert will encourage consumers to receive more than 1 quote. Generally, you should obtain at least 3 skip hire quotes to gain a better understanding of the costs of skip hire in your area. You do not have to go with the cheapest skip hire company, but should choose your favourite company and use any cheaper quotes to negotiate a better deal.

Always ensure that the quotes are inclusive of all costs, taxes and charges, and ask whether there are any hidden or additional costs that may be incurred. This is important to ensure that your quotes are like for like.

Check Licenses & Insurance

Skip hire companies, and any other company that carries rubbish, must be carry a valid and registered skip hire license. You can check whether a company has a valid waste carrier’s license by checking the public register. For skip hire company’s registered after 27th March 2015, check the registry here, and for company’s registered before 27th March 2015, check the registry here. Skip hire company’s will only appear on one of the registries.

Insurance is extremely important to ensure that you will be protected if anything goes wrong during your skip hire. Most skip hire firms will carry at least £5m Public Liability Insurance (PLI), however some may have slightly less or more. You can request a copy of the company’s public liability insurance certificate.

If you choose a skip hire company that does not have a waste carrier license and/or insurance, and there are issues or complications, you may be liable for some costs. To prevent unwanted expenses, ensure you double check the insurance and license status of your chosen skip hire firm.

Be Organised

Enquiring and booking your skip well in advance will certainly save on costs compared to a last minute booking. Although, some operators provide a fixed hire rate based on the skip size and delivery location, you can often make some additional savings by being organised and booking early.

Some skip hire companies have charges that reflect the hire length time. Hiring a skip for a shorter period of time can save you money. To save time, organise any accumulated waste so that it can be quickly thrown into the skip. If all of your waste is ready to be thrown away, you may be able to take advantage of a waiting service, whereby the truck waits whilst you load the skip.

Avoid Council Permits

Council skip permits can range from as little as £20 right up to nearer £100, so if you are looking for the cheapest possible skip hire deal, you may want to avoid a council permit. You will require a skip permit if you need to place a skip on council property, such as a road. To avoid council skip permits, try to have the skip placed on your property, such as in your driveway or in your lawn. If you won’t need the skip for very long, and all of your waste is ready to be thrown away, you can also avoid a skip permit by using a wait service. The truck will wait with the skip whilst you load up the waste, and you will not require a skip hire license.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can save on your skip hire costs and get a better deal. If you are ready to start looking for skip hire prices, why not request a quote today!

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