Lockable Skip Hire

Most skips rented in the UK are open skips, which can often result in unwanted waste being added to your skip as well as having items stolen. When you hire a skip, you are responsible for everything that is placed inside, so it is important that only items allowed in a skip are thrown in. An easy way of preventing unwanted additions to your skip is by using a lockable skip. Lockable skip hire can ensure your waste is kept secure, and prevents unwanted waste being unlawfully added to your waste. Lockable skips can be useful in both domestic and commercial rubbish disposal jobs.

Lockable Skip Hire

What is a Lockable Skip?

A lockable skip is a fully contained and enclosed skip, that can be locked to prevent unwanted access. They are useful in many applications, both preventing unwanted waste from being added to your skip and also ensuring that waste is not removed from your skip without your permission.

Why is a Lockable Skip Hire Useful?

A lockable skip can be used in both domestic and commercial locations. A lockable skip is most useful when the skip will be left unattended in a publicly accessible area for a period of time. Using a lockable skip will ensure unwanted waste is not added to your skip, which could include prohibited items. You are responsible for the items that are put into your skip during the hire period, so you may be charged additional fees if prohibited waste is put into your skip, even if it was thrown in by someone else. Lockable skips will also ensure that your waste items are not removed without permission, which could potentially be dangerous to the public.

Being enclosed, lockable skips are also far more weather proof, which can be useful for waste that you need to keep dry, such as plasterboard.

How much does a Lockable Skip cost?

As you might have guessed, lockable skips do cost more than a normal open skip of the same size. They are many reasons that they do cost more, including the fact that the skips themselves are more complicated and costly to purchase in the first place. The cost of a lockable skip is often not significantly more than a normal skip, and can actually save you money by preventing unwanted, and potentially restricted, waste from being thrown into your skip when it is left unattended. Remember to always request multiple quotes from different suppliers to ensure you receive a great value deal.

Lockable skip hire prices vary due to the sizes and configurations available. Some lockable skips have multiple doors, drop down gates for easy access, and variable accessories. Lockable skips are available in a number of different sizes, with larger sizes normally costing more than smaller sizes. For more information on pricing, please refer to our skip hire prices page.

Lockable Skip Dimensions

Lockable skips are available in a range of different sizes and shapes throughout the UK. As such, it is hard to provide precise dimensions for a lockable skip. In most cases, the dimensions on a lockable skip will be similar to a non-lockable skip of the same size. For example, a 6-yard lockable skip will be a similar size to a 6-yard standard skip. For more information on sizing, please check out skip hire size guide.

Where can I hire a Lockable Skip?

Skip Hire Services is here to help you with all of your skip hire needs, from great value lockable skips to ensure your waste is secure, to the large roll-on skips, able to carry 40 yards³ of waste. For a trusted and affordable lockable skip hire deal, request a quote today!

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