Mini Skip Hire

A mini skip is the name given to the smallest available skips. Mini skips are normally available in two sizes, 2-yard skips and 3-yard skips. Mini skips are perfect when you only have a small amount of waste, or have restricted space to place a skip. Mini skips are an affordable waste removal solution, as well as being sustainable and environmentally friendly due to the high rates of recycling.


Uses of Mini Skips

Mini skips are useful for an array of different jobs, both domestic and commercial. They are common with domestic clients, who only need a small skip for their household job. They are commonly used for garden clean ups, as well as bathroom or kitchen refits, where only a relatively small amount of waste will be created.

In the past, mini skips were mostly used for domestic jobs, however since the legislation changes regarding the disposal of plasterboard with other waste materials, the use of mini skips at commercial sites has significantly increased. Mini skips dedicated to plasterboard waste can be hired alongside larger skips, which will be used for the remainder of the waste.

For more information on what you can throw away in a mini skip, check out our post on what you can and can’t put into a skip.


Mini Skip Sizes

Mini skips are the smallest skip size available, and normally include the 2-yard and 3-yard skips. Some companies will also refer to the 4-yard midi skip as a mini skip. A 2-yard mini skip can hold approximately 25 black bin bags, and a 3-yard mini skip can hold approximately 35 bin bags.

Mini Skip Sizes and Prices


Cost of hiring a mini skip?

Mini skip hire is an extremely cost effective method of removing your waste, with 2-yard skips costing as little as £80. Different locations throughout the UK will have varying rates, with slightly higher prices normally seen in London and throughout the South of England. If you place the skip on council land, you will require a permit, which can often cost more than £50, however if you place your mini skip on your land, you do not require a permit and can help keep the hire costs down. To find out how much a mini skip will cost in your area, request a quote today.


Why use a mini skip?

Environmentally Friendly – Skip hire is environmentally friendly, with most firms achieving recycling rates of over 80%, and in many cases 100% of a skips contents can be recycled. Skip providers can often sell recycled materials, such as metals, which helps make mini skip hire so affordable.

Cheap Prices – Being smaller, mini skips are cheaper than larger skips, and are often one of the most cost effective waste disposal services available. Skip hire companies need to pay to dispose of any waste that cannot be recycled, and as mini skips have a smaller capacity than builder and maxi skips, they are cheaper to rent.

Minimum Space Required – Mini skips, as the name suggests, are the babies of the skip world, and their small size can be a great advantage when space is restricted. If you place a skip on your land, you can avoid paying for a skip hire council permit, which can help keep your waste disposal costs down. As mini skips are only small, they require a minimal area, which is perfect for properties that have restricted space.

A mini skip is the perfect solution when you only have a small amount of waste and want an affordable rubbish removal solution. Request a quote today for the best mini skip hire deals!

Mini Skip Hire

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