In the UK, skips are one of the most popular forms of waste disposal. Every day, thousands of skips are hired throughout the nation for all types of jobs. They are popular with both domestic and commercial customers, but in different parts of the world there are popular alternatives to waste disposal.

Jumping on a ferry from Dover to Calais will bring us to a country that tends to prefer local tips to skips. Whilst there are a number of drawbacks when using a trailer to carry waste to a tip, the strict rules regarding what materials are allowed in a skip makes it very expensive and often more work. Unlike in the UK where mixed waste can be combined, most skip firms require only certain types of waste to be in a skip at once.

Now a bit further afield (although you can now fly non-stop), Australia is much like the UK in terms of their love of skips. They can be found on both building sites and residential properties, and are one of the most affordable waste disposal solutions on offer. A common sight in Australia is a slight modification the the traditional UK skip, known as the ‘Trailer Skip’. These skips on wheels are something we have talked about earlier, and will shortly see rolling out across Britain.

Heading over the Atlantic and flying over to the United States of America, skips are referred to a ‘Dumpsters’. They are available in a range of different shapes and designs, perfect for almost any waste disposal situation. From small domestic dumpsters through to 30+ yard dumpsters, there is the perfect size for all requirements.

Travelling back to the Southern Hemisphere, jetting in to South Africa, skip bins are regularly hired for domestic and commercial jobs. From removing rubble from a construction site, or doing a house clean up, skips make the ideal waste removal solution. They are an affordable and convenient method of disposing unwanted waste, and also ensure that high levels of recycling are achieved.