Skip Hire Prices – How much does skip hire cost?

Skip hire is great way to clear unwanted waste, and they are often one of the most affordable methods to dispose of your rubbish. There are a number of components that influence the cost of a skip, and our cost guide will run you through our skip hire prices in the UK. The most common factors that will impact on the cost of your hire include the size of the skip required, the hire duration, your location within the UK and whether you require a skip hire permit.

Skip Hire Prices

Cost of Different Sized Skips

The biggest factor in the price of hiring a skip is the size required, with smaller skips costing less than larger skips. This is primarily due to the amount of waste each skip can take. Every skip company needs to dispose of the waste collected in the skip, often using a combination of recycling, incineration and landfill.

In order to help keep costs low, recycling is extremely important to the skip and waste removal industry, and on average more than 80% of all collected rubbish is recycled. To ensure you are not paying more than you need to, take a look at our skip size guide to help decide on what size skip you will need.

Please note: the prices below are a guide of our skip hire, and prices may vary. For accurate pricing for your specifications, please request a quote.

2-3 Yard Mini Skip Hire

Uses: These small skips are perfect for domestic jobs, where you will not generate too much waste. They are also useful as a secondary skip for waste that needs to be disposed of separately, such as plasterboard. Find out more about 2-yard skips or 3-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £60

Size: Approximately 25-35+ Bin Bags

Skip Hire Sizes 2 Yards

4-5 Yard Midi Skip Hire

Uses: 4 and 5 yard skips are great for small jobs, including garden or house clearances. These small skips are an affordable way to dispose of your waste and rubbish. Find out more about 4-yard skips or 5-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £100 – 260

Size: Approximately 45-55+ Bin Bags

4 yard skip costs

6 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: 6 yard skips are a popular choice for building and larger garden clearances. They provide ample space for a kitchen or bathroom renovation, and are one of the most popular skip sizes hired. Find out more about 6 yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £110

Size: Approximately 65+ Bin Bags

6 yard skip

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8 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: From garden waste to medium sized construction waste, 8 yard skips are versatile and useful in a number of circumstances, both domestic and commercial. Find out more about 8-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £150 – 375

Size: Approximately 80+ Bin Bags

8 yard skip hire

10 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: Commonly used for commercial projects, where a larger amount of waste needs to be cleared. These larger skips can be used for a combination of different materials, including rubble, garden waste and building rubbish. Find out more about 10-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £170

Size: Approximately 100+ Bin Bags

10 yard skip

12 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: These practical skips can be used for any number of purposes, from commercial sites to domestic settings. Find out more about 12-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £220 – 450

Size: Approximately 120+ Bin Bags

12 yard skips

14 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: The 14 yard skip is a popular choice for both private and commercial clients due to their affordable price and large waste capacity. Find out more about 14-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £200

Size: Approximately 145+ Bin Bags

14 yard skips

16 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: 16 yard skips provide excellent value for their price. They are large enough to fit a small car, or a considerable amount of unwanted waste. Find out more about 16-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £220

Size: Approximately 170+ Bin Bags

16 yard skip

18 Yard Skip Hire

Uses: If you require a large skip, you may want to consider the sizeable 18 yard skip, which is capable of holding in excess of 195 black bin bags. Perfect for complete house renovations, including bathrooms, kitchen, gardens and house modifications. Find out more about 18-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £275

Size: Approximately 195+ Bin Bags

18 yard skip

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20 Yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire

Uses: One of the smaller of the roll-on roll-off skips, these 20 yard skips provide a substantial waste disposal capabilities with ease of access, making them a popular choice for commercial clients. Find out more about 20-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £290

Size: Approximately 220+ Bin Bags

20 yard roll on roll off skips

30 Yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire

Uses: If you have a lot of waste, you will need a sizeable skip, and there isn’t many skips larger than the 30 yard roll-on roll-off skip. These skips are commonly found on construction sites, where considerable waste is generated during the build. Find out more about 30-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £340

Size: Approximately 330+ Bin Bags

30 yard RoRo skip hire

40 Yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire

Uses: If you have a very large amount of waste, than a 40 yard roll-on roll-off skip is what you will require. These large skips can hold over 440 black rubbish bags, and are commonly used by commercial clients with considerable waste. Find out more about 40-yard skips.

Cost: Prices from £400

Size: Approximately 440+ Bin Bags

40-yard roll-on roll-off skip

Lockable Skip Hire

Uses: Lockable skips come in a range of sizes, so prices do vary. Common lockable skip sizes range from 8-16 yard skips. Lockable skips are perfect when you need to protect your waste or ensure nothing unwanted is added.

Cost: £200-300

Size: Sizes vary

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Other Skip Hire Pricing Factors

Whilst the size of a skip is the main factor in how much a skip will cost, there are a number of other factors that can influence pricing. Below are some of the other factors that may affect how much you pay to hire a skip:

Cost of Council Permits

If the skip will be placed on council land, such as a public road, you will normally require a skip hire permit. If you are able to place the skip on your own property or other privately owned land, you will not require a skip permit. Skip hire permits are issued by local councils, and different councils charge varying fees to obtain a permit, often ranging from £15 to more than £60. As skip hire permits are normally obtained from the council by your skip hire company, they can often be included within the skip hire prices you are quoted.

Skip Hire Prices by Region

Skip hire prices often vary from city to city, and hire costs are generally higher in Greater London and the South of England. The cheapest skip hire prices can be found further north, in places such as Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England. For example, hiring a 6 yard skip in London will cost between £135-£220, yet the same sized skip in Yorkshire will cost between £90-115. To ensure you always find the best skip hire deals, take a look at these tips for cheaper skip hire.

Hire Period

Another factor that commonly influences price is the skip hire period. Generally, the longer the skip hire period, the more you will have to pay. However, this is not always the case, as some skip hire providers now offer unlimited hire periods.

Longer hire periods can also result in increased skip permit costs. If you have placed your skip on council land, long term hire will require permit extensions and renewals, as most councils only issue permits that are valid for 14 days to 1 month.

Are there any hidden costs or charges I should be aware of?

Generally, there shouldn’t be any hidden costs or charges when hiring a skip. In the past, skip hire has generally been used primarily by commercial clients, and as such, many skip hire companies quote prices excluding VAT. When comparing quotes to find the best deal, ensure you check whether the total prices are inclusive of VAT.

If you hire a skip, it is also your responsibility to know what has been thrown in. You may be charged additional fees if your skip is found to contain prohibited items and waste that requires specialist disposal.

Skip Weight Limits

Every skip firm has different rules and regulations regarding how much weight can be put into a skip. As a general rule, the weight limit of a skip can be determined by assuming that each cubic yard of waste will equal approximately 1 tonne. As such, a 2-yard skip will hold 2 tonnes, and an 8-yard skip will hold 8 tonnes.

Whilst skips ranging from 2 to 8 yards can normally be filled to the load level with heavy materials, such as dirt and rubble, larger skips should generally be filled with a combination of heavy and light waste, due to the weight limitations of the loading truck.

Restricted Items

When considering your waste disposal options, it is important to remember that whilst most types of waste can be thrown into a skip, there are some restricted items. In most cases, items that are not permitted in a skip can be taken to your local council run recycling centre. Common items that are not permitted in a skip include:

  • Electrical Items, including fridges, TV’s, microwaves, etc.
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Solvents, Paint and Oil
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Hazardous Waste, including asbestos, explosives, etc.
  • Plasterboard, which must be disposed of separately to other waste

Every skip hire company has different rules regarding what can and cannot be thrown into a skip, so if you are unsure about your waste, it is a good idea to check with the skip provider.

After collection, every skip is emptied and the contents are sorted into piles for recycling and landfill, so attempting to hide restricted items in your skip is not advisable. If prohibited items are found in your skip, you may be charged additional disposal fees, which would increase your skip hire costs.

If you have any questions about skip hire prices, please get in touch, or for exact pricing details, please request a quote.


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