On Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, we got our best minds together in a social setting to brainstorm the future of skip hire in the UK. For many outsiders, the skip industry may look largely untouched over the past few decades. The loading trucks and skip bins continue to look much the same as they did several years ago, but in recent years the skip industry has changed significantly, and will continue to develop. Below are some of the main points discussed during our night of discussion.

How Clients Hire a Skip

One of the biggest changes that we have seen in the skip hire industry, and will continue to see in the future, is the development in the way skip firms book their clients. Gone are the days of simply advertising in the Yellow Pages for all of your customers to see. Now you need to have an online presence, and the more prominent your website, the more customers you will find.

Online booking options are now also available that work in much the same way as when you book a hotel online. You can search for several different companies, and then simply choose the cheapest, all in a matter of seconds. Whilst this is good for consumers, it does require skip firms to be extremely competitive with their pricing to win customers who are simply looking for the best value deal.

Skip Hire Alternatives

Back in the day, skip hire was the main option if you wanted to get rid of a fair amount of waste. They are solid, convenient and affordable, but now there are a range of skip hire alternatives that skip firms need to contend with. The two main alternatives are rubbish removal teams and skip bags.

Rubbish removal teams use a van or truck, rather than a skip, and collect the rubbish themselves, meaning that the clients do not have to do the heavy lifting. However, for this service, the rubbish needs to be ready for collection, and it does not provide the convenience of filling a skip as the waste is created.

Skip bags work in much the same way as a skip, but they are not rigid and are only available in smaller sizes. They are often either posted to the customer, or purchased from a hardware store, which provides convenience for consumers. They are also a great option when space is limited, and placing a skip would not work.

Landfill Tax & Recycling

With landfill tax increases, there has never been a more pivotal time to shift towards higher levels of recycling. There are many skip firms that now boast recycling rates of more than 95%, which is great news for the environment, and also saves skip operators a significant amount on their disposal costs. It is almost certain that the need to recycle as much waste as possible will continue, as landfill taxes continue to rise and consumers demand more sustainability from skip firms.


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