Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire

Roll-on Roll-off skips, also known as RoRo skips, are a large form of skip hire. These skips are available in a number of sizes ranging from 20-yard to 40-yard capacities. They can cater to most types of waste, and are popular on commercial and industrial sites due to their large size. Whilst they are occasionally hired by domestic clients, they are more commonly used by the commercial sectors. Roll-on Roll-off skip hire is the perfect solution for any job that will be producing high volumes of waste.

Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire Prices

How much does a Roll-on Roll-off skip cost to hire?

The cost of hiring a skip is directly related to the size required. Bigger skips cost more than smaller skips, and as a result the Roll-on Roll-off skips cost the most to hire.

Location is another factor that influences Roll-on Roll-off skip hire prices. In most cases, the costs to hire a RoRo skip in London and the South of England will be higher than in the North of the UK.

To ensure you receive a great deal on your RoRo skip hire, it is always a good idea to request at least 3 skip hire quotes, for a comparable service. You will then have a better understanding of the prices in your local area.

Hiring a Roll-on Roll-off skip may be cheaper than you think, with prices for a 20-yard RoRo skip starting at as little as £290. Find out more about skip hire pricing and costs.

What Roll-on Roll-off skip sizes are available?

Roll-on Roll-off skips are available in a range of sizes, normally starting at 20-yards. The largest RoRo skips have a 40-yard capacity, and are mostly used for extremely large amounts of waste. Below are the most common Roll-on Roll-off skip sizes in the UK:

20-yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip: These are the smallest of the RoRo skip range, and are normally hired by commercial clients. They can hold approximately 220 black bin bags of waste. Find out more about 20-yard Roll-on Roll-off skips.

25-yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip: These skips are a popular addition to many building sites. They can hold approximately 275 black bin bags of waste, and often have lower sides than the larger RoRo skips, which provides easy loading for consumers. Find out more about 25-yard Roll-on Roll-off skips.

30-yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip:The second largest skip size available, these skips can hold an impressive amount of waste. Due to the large size of these Roll-on Roll-off skips, they are mostly hired by commercial clients who have the space to place the container. A 30-yard RoRo skip can hold approximately 330 black bin bags of waste. Find out more about 30-yard Roll-on Roll-off skips.

40-yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip: These are the largest skips available in the UK, with an impressive 40 cubic yard capacity, which is the equivalent of approximately 440 black bin bags. Due to the large size, these skips are almost always hired by commercial clients who will be producing a considerable amount of waste. Find out more about 40-yard Roll-on Roll-off skips.

RoRo Skip Sizes

What are Roll-on Roll-off skips useful for?

If space is available on the property, these skips can be the perfect addition to a complete house renovation, that will produce substantial quantities of waste. As they are large, they are mostly used on construction sites that have ample space for loading, unloading and positioning the skip.

They can be used on almost any industrial or commercial site. They are also a popular choice in many waste related businesses, such as council run recycling centres, as the waste is loaded straight into the RoRo skip.They are also popular on many larger construction site, and can be used for rubble, construction waste, domestic waste, garden waste, soil, wood, metal and plastic.

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