It is important to choose the correct size skip for your waste. A skip that is too small will leave you with unwanted waste, but a skip that is too large will cost more than you need to pay. Before you determine how much waste you need to throw away, recycle, donate or sell any unwanted items, such as sofas or furniture, as this will cut down on the amount of waste you need to dispose of. It is also a good idea to know what you can and can’t put in skip, as there is no point hiring a skip that you cannot use. Now you will have a better understanding of how much waste you have to throw away, it is time to determine what size skip you will need.

To help you choose the right size skip for your waste, we have put together a helpful infographic that will give you a visual understanding of the size of each skip available, ranging from the small 2 yard mini skips to the very large 40 yard roll-on roll-off skips. The skip size you will require is dependant on how much waste you will have to throw away – the more waste, the larger the skip you will need. For a better understanding of exactly how much you can put into your skip, we have included a helpful black bin bag guide, which indicates how many regular household black bin bags should fit into each size skip.

For more information on choosing the right size skip for your requirements, please take a look at our skip hire size guide, which has further information on each common skip size, including uses and approximate sizing.

Now onto the Skip Size Infographic:

how to choose the right size skip for your waste